Elayne Nusbaum Cold Calling Coach

An Extraordinary Path

Bold steps forward.

Elayne Nusbaum’s exceptional sales skills and contributions to the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and Sales Professionals are detailed in a book that shares her cold-calling mastery and valuable strategies.

Over hundreds of speakers at Canadian Association Of Public Speakers owe Elayne Nusbaum.

If she did not agree to take on the assignment to call all of the professional speakers she could find and invite them to a meeting, the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS) might not exist.

That success led her to the Canadian Association of Sales Professionals, where she outsold all the other staff in membership sales.
She brought them from one sale a week to over 7 a day.

And, of course, this led to assignments with numerous small and large businesses in a wide range of industries whose very existence often depended on acquiring an ongoing supply of well-qualified hot leads and sales.

Following her philosophy of “discovering how each assignment can be of specific help to each lead,” Elayne developed a process early in her career that she fine-tuned and for the first time is sharing here. Find the short cuts and take them.

The chapters in this book explain what she did that resulted in employers literally bribing her to win her services. What would you call, “We’ll throw in a BMW,” for someone who works the phone all day?

Be prepared to learn from a true master of cold calling.
As Elayne would say, “Relax and enjoy the journey.”

Written by: Tom Stoyan, Canada’s Sales Coach,The Coaching and Sales Institute