Chapter One

Business Planning

Getting the appointment

I want you to make a good start and believe that you will love this book, so I will demonstrate that I knew nothing about a product but still got the appointment.

My sister joined a company and was trying to make appointments to see customers over the telephone. She couldn’t make one appointment. She was very new to selling and very frustrated. She gave me a list of ten companies she wanted to meet with. I got on the telephone and made nine appointments. The tenth company already had the product she was selling.

The list confirmed that all companies could use the product. It was a complete list with the name and phone number of the person with whom we needed to talk. That made it quick and easy. I called and told them who I was, where I was calling from, and, of course, the product I was selling. I told them very briefly the top reason that they needed the product. That was all. That took about twenty seconds. From there, I gave them two time and date options and asked which worked best for them. I did mention that if they didn’t like what I had, they could throw me out after ten minutes. Now, this works when you are selling yourself on getting a face-to-face appointment. I will cover more tips for the rest of us who are making sales on the telephone without doing the face-to-face.

Sometimes, the less you say the better.

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